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"As the story in Ferguson became about not only the death of Michael Brown, but also about our reaction to his death, two more similar, and similarly familiar, narratives emerged, advanced by black and white media and celebrities alike. The first is that the black community’s outrage about death at the hands of white killers is opportunistic and misguided. Even if racism is a factor in these murders, and it probably isn’t, the murders of most black people are committed by other black people. The implication being made here is that blacks are quick to seize on racism as a way of ignoring or excusing problems within the black community. The second narrative is closely related to the first, and it is the story that white people may at times act in ways that may appear racist, but this behavior is merely a rational reaction to black America’s culture of criminality and violence. A direct interrogation of each of these stories could fill a book, and I will not undertake that task here. However, the fact that they are being told about the death of Michael Brown gives us a hint about whether we should think of them as valid."

The Parable of the Unjust Judge or: Fear of a N*gger Nation


Closed Circuit Commons: SF v NYC



(Mailboxes for 20 at a downtown Hacker House. Thanks for the warm welcome Adrienne.)

At 8:30am on Market Street or Mission, you’ll see a number of people hurrying into buildings but no coffee carts selling $2 steaming cups or donuts on display. No line around the block for Starbucks…

The question

Can I pursue excellence while rejecting anxiety? Or
Can I abhor anxiety while embracing excellence?

Saying goodbye is really freaking hard

The hardest thing was watching Kim say goodbye to Zooey. Goodbye Zooey, you were everything we could have hoped for in a scottie. We love you.

"(2) Saying “no” to bad ideas is easy. It’s the good ideas that can distract and de-focus you."

Saying “no” to good ideas | A Founder’s Notebook


Our dear two-legged kids


I’ve wanted to write this post for awhile now, but I just either haven’t found the time or kept making excuses. Anyhow, after taking Zoey to her appointment with the veterinary oncologist earlier this week, I have no more excuses.

About 3-4 weeks ago, I noticed a large lump under her chin. At…



Google is now making it’s own self driving car prototypesThis is getting good press, as it should - autonomous cars could reduce the count of the cars on the road nearly 10-fold while providing a comparable level of mobility to what Americans are used to. It’s the sort of asymmetric innovation we need in transport.

There is a lot that Google is telling us that they’re not saying in this video.

1) That manufacturing process they’re using looks remarkably similar to Gordon Murray’s iStream. Just see that tubular frame chassis and (what appears to be) bonded plastic panelling. The framework design seems very much like the Yamaha Motiv.e. Of course, if Google was thinking about getting into making its own cars, doing so via a fully formed and disruptive method of car manufacturing would be a good way to do it. 

2) The design is cute, light and airy. Google knows the importance of making this is new (scary!!) technology look fun and harmless. Never underestimate the importance people place on the looks of this thing. Indeed, because it is fun, the cute shape is also prone to being remixed, a la Sherlock Holmes:

3) They’re especially looking to appeal to women. Notice what they focus on in the video: Mum’s talking about more time with kids, women talking about how much better the cars drive than their husbands…yip. They’re going for the jugular of driver problems - time and safety.

4) They’re being conservative with the vehicle architecture design. They could easily have been more innovative with the seating arrangement given that they don’t need to have the passengers facing forward anymore - ie. facing each other - but they went with a typical forward facing arrangement. Why? 

"Stay Hungry Jamis took on an interesting new hobby every year. One year, he learned to make bow ties (and made some for all of us). Another year, he mastered the art of marshmallow making, and another he learned to draw (and started hand-illustrating his presentations)."

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A memo from 20 years ago, today.

Key quote: “The internet is a collection of computer networks that is connected around the world…A code of ‘netiquette’ exists among users and within user groups, but otherwise, you pay your money, find your niche and take your chances.”

via Johnny Kauffman at NPR